We’re all working together to conserve our natural resources. While all government agencies recognize the need to strike a balance between the interests of community development and preservation of our environment, getting through the entitlement and environmental process can be a challenge.

The California Public Resources Code requires that public agencies adopt a program for monitoring the environmental mitigation measures for a project. As a result, developers are required to track all conditions of approval for developments. Organizing, tracking and coordinating the multitude of conditions from the various agencies takes an inordinate amount of time and energy. Recupero and Associates, Inc. has developed an innovative and timesaving way to wade through this morass of regulations.

By creating a single, coordinated matrix incorporating all the applicable conditions of approval, and having it available both in hard copy and on-line, we make it simple for project managers, construction supervisors and planners to visualize what has been achieved and what needs to be done. Then we expedite clearances on the conditions of approval with government agencies, in turn expediting your project.

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