Who is Affected? Within the next year the scope of the entities affected by the water quality regulations will be greatly expanded. Commercial and Industrial businesses will likely bear the brunt of the enforcement actions for two reasons. One, the Regional Water Quality Control Board has increased its investigation and enforcement staff. Two, cities are now mandated to catalog and inspect businesses within their jurisdiction. In March 2003, schools, hospitals and prisons will also be required to have a Water Quality Management Plan on file with the Regional Board.

When will these new rules start to be enforced? Enforcement has already started--and violations can be expensive for non-compliance, costing up to $10,000 per day.

How can you avoid the fines? Given the fact that many enforcement entities are using surprise inspections, the best way to avoid having your business shut down or fined is to prepare in advance. In most circumstances this means creating a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, training employees and using acceptable Best Management Practices. Wading through the regulations can be difficult and change according to your location. Let us help you develop a program that keeps you in the clear.

Are you subject to the upcoming Phase II Regulations? Phase II of the NPDES Program requires State departments, schools, local municipal districts, prisons and hospitals to comply with the “small MS4” general permit by March 10, 2003. The program requires that affected entities establish a Water Quality Management Plan that includes 6 new programs including outreach, training and inspection. Let us help you in creating a “Clearwater Program” meet your obligations. From public education to water quality inspections we can assist you in meeting your goals, and keep you out of hot water with the Regional and State Water Boards.

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